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About Our Company

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We create solutions that build global brands. Our task is to solve complex problems that we turn into success.




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We are a group of people who love new technologies. You can meet us everywhere because we love to spend time outside.

Eight 35

Producers Brainstorming
Artistic director

Jacques Zribi

Jacques has been the financial and management advisor for small and medium sized companies for the last 25 years. He has always had a passion for the cinema, and the chance of meetings led him for several years to be a discreet but no less active artistic and financial advisor in the French cinema. Today, Jacques Zribi commits himself to production with his heart, his tastes and his choices, but also with all the strength and determination that the height of the commitment requires.
Nicolas Réoutsky Eight35 productions
Line producer

Nicolas Réoutsky

For 18 years, Nicolas directed the most important French technical services structures (filming and post-production) such as Iepso, Virtuel Center, Studios Puma, Centreville Télévision... He set up the first virtual set studio in France and initiated numerous programs there. It is therefore quite natural that he turned to production, first as production manager for programs such as "La Carte aux Trésors" on France 3, then as executive producer of magazines such as "En quête de nuit" on TMC or short programs such as "Plus jamais ça" on France 2 or "Drôlement bon" on M6. He was also entrusted with the executive production of the Pink TV channel for 1 year to set up, monitor and organize a daily program and 3 weekly programs, all in collaboration with Nova Production. At the same time, he produced documentaries for Arte and France 5 and has been developing short and feature films for over 7 years. He has also produced more than 300 short programs and directed the production of many commercials.He was post-production line producer of Cold blood legacy

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Cold Blood

Les Dolce



Short programs

La Maison Des Travaux

Short programs

Bloody Crumble

Short films

Trois fois rien

Short films

Cold Blood

Feature Films


Meet them All

Road to the top was difficult but we would not be here without all the companies that trusted us. We would like to say thank you so much!


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