Frédéric Petitjean

He wrote short programs in France for television as Les guignols . Then he went to work in the United States for Silicon Graphics Studios and Discreet Movies specialized in digital special effects .They worked with authors such as Frederic in order to suggest new scripts for special effects footage. Thanks to a dozen years in studios he acquired strong skills in story design, and script writing. While in studios, he has cooperated in the writing (not credited) on the first Shrek for DreamWorks Studios….Since his return in France he wrote different films such as comedies, dramas, thrillers, among which:« Madame Irma »,(comedy) “Nos plus belles vacances”,(comedy) and “En solitaire”(drama) for Gaumont Nominated at the Cesar 2013.He has collaborated on numerous projects and films in the writing stage, working as a script doctor and selling original screenplay ideas to various production companies, tv and studios. In 2014, he wrote a thriller for French National TV called Meurtres à l’Abbaye de Rouen.

He is also novelist and has a written a trilogy called “Les DOLCE”  which was granted in 2012 the famous award Grand prix de l’imaginaire . Pocket jeunesse(Hunger games  famous publisher in France)  published  Tome III in  2016 . The scripts adapted from the novels also exist and are in negotiation with US studio.

He wrote and directed a short film movie with A category French actors, called Trois fois rien , with François-Xavier Demaison, Michel Vuillermoz, and Thierry Frémont  presented at the short film corner in Cannes 2015 and selected in various French Festivals.He is  the scriptwriter and director of the thriller Cold Blood Legacy with Jean Reno.

Frédéric Petitjean writes both in English and French.